Monday, January 30, 2006

Christian Worldview

A Christian worldview is based on two assumed facts (not proven): 1)God exists. 2)The Bible is the inspired Word of God and is therefore Ultimate Truth. The Christian worldview, as I will outline it, directly gives us Theology (our beliefs about God and his relationship to us) and Morality or Ethics (“What duty God requires of man.”)1 Presuppositions for Philosophy of Math & Science, Literature & Linguistics, History, Law, Government, Politics, Visual Arts, Music and probably other subjects as well, are also part of a worldview.
1Westminster Shorter Catechism Q3

Saturday, January 28, 2006


First, I ought to explain what a worldview is. A worldview is a coherent (or mostly coherent) system of thought that shapes how a person understands the universe and covers all areas of life and academia. This is similar to wearing colored glasses that give a different tint to all you see. However, just as 2 + 2 has just one answer, I believe, there is just one worldview that fits reality correctly.