About Quester of Truth

I started this blog some time ago so that I would be able to have a place to put my thoughts about truth and other things. I have been a Christian for much longer than I have had this blog, and I desire to have a place where I can publish my thoughts about a Christian worldview and explain, defend, and apply my worldview to what is happening in the world.

A worldview is the beliefs that you and I hold that shape how we look at what is going on around us. It is the theological and intellectual glasses that we use to understand the universe and people, things, and events on earth.

You claim to be a Christian and to already know the truth don't you? Why do you call this blog “Quester of Truth?”

Yes, I am a Christian and I do already know the Truth, Jesus. I call this Quester of Truth for three reasons. First, I want to be able to explain what I believe for others who are looking for truth. Second, I have not completely arrived, that is, I am still figuring out what I believe to a small extent, but more importantly I am figuring out why I believe what I believe, or how to articulate it. Third, I am seeking to know Jesus, the Truth, better and as I understand Him and get to know Him, I want to pass on what I find to you. As one of my former pastors used to say (and probably still does) I want to be “one beggar leading other beggars to where bread can be found.”

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