Thursday, January 31, 2013

Musings on Sexual Purity

Perhaps in emphasising physical virginity when talking about purity, some Christians are putting emphasis on the wrong thing. Not that physical virginity is wrong - it isn't. But the gospel is not about the outward law - the law still applies, we ought to be obedient to God and faithful to our wives, whether future or present - but we have to remind ourselves and others two things.

First, purity and obedience are not just about physical virginity - most of us are probably "damaged goods" sexually or relationally in some way. Its not hard for us (Christians) to lust after someone that is not ours, and many Christian men, including me have struggled with the sin of looking at pornography or nude photos of women. Being pure includes our minds and we all have to repent and put the impurities to death.

Second, we have to recognize that there is forgiveness from our sin – when the Pharisees brought the woman caught in adultery to our Lord Jesus, He did not ignore her sin or trivialize it, but He did say in John 8:11 “go and sin no more.” This was a common refrain that He told to those He healed and met. He had compassion and then warned them to go but sin no more. This should be common with us as Christians – we ought to warn people compassionately what actions are sin, but the next breath (or paragraph) should remind people that there is forgiveness for them in Jesus' death on the cross.

Third, we should be ready and willing to forgive others of their sin and help them to put it to death, starting with those closest to us – our spouses or significant others.